Discreet Sex Swing Shipping

When you are getting any type of sex toy sent to your house, having it be discreet is important. Depending on how discreet you need to be, could have an impact on which swing you decide to purchase. All sex swings come in plain packaging with a generic label, the name on your credit card statement will be a generic CoreLevel and the return label will be generic as well. The difference happens when you open the box. For some people, it will not matter, for others that are worried about kids or customs agents opening the box, that could be a different story.

If a sex swing is normally marketed by retail outlets that have displays, the boxes will be more graphic to show the product that is inside. They also want to make it look as fun and sexy as possible. This is not good if you think your kids are going to accidently open the box.

Brands that include retail packaging include:

  • Trinity
  • Fetish
  • Lux Fetish
  • TLC
  • WhipSmart
  • Ouch

One the other hand, some brands have limited retail sales. Actually sex swings are extremely popular but because they are large and require a lot of instructions, they do not sell well in a retail environment, but excel online. So these brands do not need the same graphic packaging and can keep is much more discreet.

Brands that have no graphic retail packing include:

  • Screamer
  • Stockroom
  • Tied Tight
  • Wild Side

Instructions follow pretty much the same pattern. Those items with retail packaging generally include more graphic instructions. Of course for all swings, instructions can be found online and this site has an extensive installation section.

If you have any questions about packaging, feel free to ask. We can also try to help you with special requests as well such as removing items from retail packaging if that is something you need.